Event: Bicycle Tour de Vista

The Society of Barley Engineers is planning a biking tour of breweries in Vista for Sunday Febrewary 23rd starting at 1pm. The plan is to visit 8 breweries that are spaced 2-12 minutes apart by bike. This is not a drinking tour with bikes, but a biking tour with beer samples, so safety and moderation are paramount. The tour is approximately 10 miles (although there are some shortcuts if you are so inclined) with approximately 1 hour biking time. We will start with a taster at Indian Joe brewery in Vista at 1pm, after which we will bike to Mother Earth (Thibodo), Booze Brothers, Barrel Harbor, Latitude 33, Belching Beaver, Iron Fist and conclude at Aztec.

There are some moderate hills, so bikes with gears are recommended.

If you are interested in attending, please fill out the following RSVP form:

SBE Febrewary (20th Anniversary) Meeting Announcement

The Febrewary meeting of the Society of Barley Engineers will take place on Wednesday, Febrewary 12th @ 6pm, at the Stone Brewing Company World Bistro. At this meeting we will celebrate 20 years of stellar fermentations and will be chronicling the inception and key events that define our club. We will also have alumni and special guests in attendance that will provide testimonies on these events.

We are also proud to announce that we will have stellar 20th Anniversary T-shirts available and the best news is that we will be able to provide one for every full-paid membership for the 2014 year. Additional shirts will be available to members at the low price of $10/each.

On the agenda
1) 20th Anniversary Chronicle – Andy, members & special guests
2) Distribution of stellar T-shirts – Officers
3) 2014 Events Plan – Derek
4) 2014 SBE competition plans – Chris Stawney
5) Homebrew sharing – since we are planning on a large crowd, I would like to ask members to bring more stellar beer than they usually bring for sharing to ensure that it can go around. Preferably in multiple containers so we can be efficient. If you only have a small amount of beer to share, it would be best to do this either at the beginning of the meeting before the program starts or the end of the meeting after the program has concluded.

This month’s meal is Beer Mac & Cheese with Sausage for a cost of $13 (includes tax and tip)

If you haven’t already filled out the RSVP for the meeting, please use the link below to do this so we are able to plan a stellar meeting.