Event: Lambic Kegging 2015

The 2015 Lambic Kegging session will be held on Oktober 10th starting at 1:30pm at the Gamelin picobrewery in Vista. We have close to 150 gallons of Lambic to keg, which is the largest club brew we have ever done. We will start by pulling a growler from each barrel for sampling. Members can select which barrel they would like to receive. We will be prioritizing kegs for members that participated in the Lambic brew session and those that can commit to bring a Lambic keg to the Southern California Homebrew Festival. We will also make sure that everyone who participates can bring back at least a growler of club Lambic.

We will also have barrel dregs for you to bring home to brew your own Lambic. We would like to encourage everyone to brew a Lambic on Sunday and use these barrel dregs for the brew.

I will have three Lambics on draft, A Gueuze blend of 2011, 2012, 2013 & 2014 Lambics, a blended Apricôt and a blended Framboise. As always you are welcome to bring bottles to share.

Every year at this time I become antsy as we don’t open the barrels to taste them. So, hopefully this years Lambic will be as good as the 2013 and 2014 batches!

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SBE Oktober Meeting Announcement

The Oktober meeting of the Society of Barley Engineers will be held on Wednesday Oktober 7th @ 6pm at Booze Brothers Brewery in Vista. Our feature topic, Blending Beer, will be lead by Andy Gamelin

Food will be available on the Booze Brothers patio (an e-mail will be sent out when we confirm the vendor). Booze Brothers will be serving beer inside their main suite. We will be able to bring food and drinks into the adjacent meeting room through the connected patios.

The meeting room is large, however there are not many chairs or tables within the room, so we are asking members to bring chairs and tables. Booze Brothers will supply tasting glasses.

On the agenda:
1) Blending Beer
2) Booze Brothers meeting place – Andy
3) Upcoming Officers Elections – Andy
4) Oktoberfests recap – Jim
5) Shooting Night recap – Chris & Corey
6) Lambic Kegging – Andy & Ryan
7) Homebrew sharing

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