Meeting Agenda

Society of Barley Engineers 2018 Meeting Agenda

Note: Agenda is subject to change.

January: Fermentation’s Wacky Siblings – Lyne Noelia
Febrewary: Brewery Automation – Paul Hess
March: The Dark Side of Beers – Sean Bush
April: Beer Experiments – Guest Speaker?
May: Ciders – Brian Trout
June: Packaging Beer – Jacques Guilloton
July: Belgian Ales – “Dr” Bill Sysak
August: Base Malts – Mike Jocelyn
September: TBD topic – Peter Zien
Oktober: Recipe Modification – Ryan Reschan
November: Hopping Techniques – TBD
December: Mini-Presentations – Brian Frederick
January ’19: Resurrecting Beer – Patrick Zukowski
Febrewary ’19: SBE 25th Anniversary – Andy Gamelin