Meeting Agenda

Society of Barley Engineers 2021 Meeting Agenda

NOTE: During the COVID-19 crisis, all monthly meetings will be held virtually, via Zoom. To make the most of this situation, we are inviting keynote speakers from out of the area to present at these meetings. Stay tuned as we identify our upcoming speakers and make sure your email (and dues) are up to date to get the meeting details!

  • January: Simple Homebrewing – Denny Con & Drew Beechum
  • Febrewary: A Chat with Charlie Papazian
  • March: History of West Coast IPA – Vinnie Cilurzo
  • April: S.D. Beer & Beer News in the Age of COVID – Brandon Hernendez
  • May: Ancient Monastic Brewing (5th thru 9th Century CE) – Travis Rupp
  • June: Q&A Session with Jamil Zainasheff
  • July: A History of Beer in America – Judith Downey