Meeting Agenda

Society of Barley Engineers 2022 Meeting Agenda

Monthly meetings are held on the first Wednesday of each month at Booze Brothers Brewing
Company. Meetings start at 6:00 pm PST. We are also continuing to Zoom the meetings for our
remote members. Make sure your email (and dues) are up to date to get latest info on the
meeting details!

  • January:  “Drinking Methods” – Dennis Reese
  • Febrewary:  “Lambic, SdL-Style” – Andy Gamelin
  • March:  “Brewing-to-Style & Recipe Formulation” – Jeff Bagby (Bagby Beer Co.)
  • April:  “pH: Measure/Calculate/Adjust – Mike Jocelyn
  • May:  “Brewing Session Beers” – Jennifer Talley (Brewers Publications)
  • June:  “Lager Brewing” – Nathan Stephens (Eppig)
  • July:  “Distilling Homebrew” – Charles Zahl & Chris van Hamersveld
  • August:  “How to Make Hard Seltzer” – Chis Colby (Brewers Publications)
  • September:  “Gluten-Reduced Brewing” – Brett Goldstock (Duck Foot)
  • Oktober:  “Thiolized Yeast & Head Retention” – Lance Shaner (Omega Yeast)
  • November:  “Beer and Food Pairing” – Judy Glasser
  • December:  “Holiday Beers” – Chuck West