Meeting Agenda

Society of Barley Engineers 2020 Meeting Agenda

Note: Agenda is subject to change.

  • January: I Can Ferment That! – Stan Sisson
  • Febrewary: Irish Ales – Curt Wittenberg
  • March: Kviek Fermentation – Oleg Shpyrko
  • April: Healthy Hacks for Homebrewers – Travis Hammond
  • May: Sensory Analysis: On Flavors – Lauren Reese
  • June: Farmhouse Ales – Kenton Collup
  • July: History of Beer in America – Judith Downie
  • August: Brewing Water – TBD guest speaker
  • September: Mead – Billy Beltz
  • Oktober: Brewing Colors – TBD Member
  • November: Scottish Ales – Sean Daniel
  • December: Brewing Gadgets – Andre McKay and Friends
  • January ’21: Drinking Techniques – Dennis Reese

We are looking for members that are interested in presenting for the meeting that are listed as “TBD Member” and we are currently contacting potential guest speakers for topics that are listed as “TBD Guest Speaker”