Meeting Agenda

Society of Barley Engineers 2023 Meeting Agenda

Monthly meetings are held on the first Wednesday of each month at Booze Brothers Brewing
Company. Meetings start at 6:00 pm PST. We are also continuing to Zoom the meetings for our
remote members. Make sure your email (and dues) are up to date to get latest info on the
meeting details!

JAN – Beer Cocktails – Jacques Guilloton
FEB – Fruiting Beers – Andy Gamelin
MAR – Sour Beer without Bugs – Raul Deju of Carlsbad Brew Supply & Guadalupe Brewery
APR – Dark Lager – Andy Gamelin & Andre McKay
MAY – Italian Speciality Beers OR a Local Home Brew Con Presentation
JUN – Modern Hop Products
JUL – Cold IPA – Louie Illievski
AUG – Blending
SEP – Brewing with Dry Yeast – Sean Bush
OKT – Brewing Wet-Hop / Fresh-Hop Beers
NOV – Brewing N/A Beers
DEC – Quick Brewing Methods (Grainfather, Brew in Bag, Extracts, etc.) – SBE Group Presentation