SBE June Meeting Announcement

The June meeting of the Society of Barley Engineers will be held on Wednesday, June 1st @ 6pm at Booze Brothers Brewery in Vista. The topic this month will be Kölsch presented by Booze Bros’ own Maurey Fletcher.

We’re also going to start experimenting with a “Feedback Corner” during the time before the meeting starts. If you’d like to get some thorough feedback on your beer outside of the normal club sharing be sure to find Andy or Chris Everett, who have volunteered to kick this off!

On the agenda:
1) Social time and small pour sharing.
2) Homebrew sharing and discussion.
3) Recaps and announcements.
    A. Booze Bros Appreciation Party – Brian
    B. Pub Night Recap – Alvin
4) Events updates:
    A. Upcoming events – Andy
5) Kölsch – Maurey
6) Post-presentation social time.

If you still have not paid your dues for 2016 please talk to Jeremy some time during the meeting, it goes to fund awesome events like the club Lambic brew day as well as upgrades for our world famous club bar.

Don’t forget to bring a chair and tables! Have a good memorial weekend!

Please RSVP here:

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