Febrewary Meeting – Lambic, SBE-Style (Online Only)

The Febrewary meeting of the Society of Barley Engineers will be held on Wednesday, Febrewary 2nd @ 6pm.

This will be a ZOOM-ONLY on-line meeting this month, in an effort to keep our members as safe as possible. The meeting link will be sent out on Wednesday.

Our feature presentation will be “Lambic, SBE-Style” presented by Andy Gamelin. Since this is a virtual presentation, it would be cool to have folks break out their Lambic bottles to taste the nectar during the meeting and presentation. If you don’t happen to have an SBE Lambic bottle, there a lot of great commercial examples that could be substituted and enjoyed, as well.

On the Agenda:
1) Social Time (6:00 to 6:30pm)
2) Recent Events Review
3) Upcoming Events
4) Upcoming Meeting Plans
5) RSVP Drawing (for SBE Lambic)
6) “Lambic, SBE-Style” presented by Andy Gamelin
7) Post-presentation Social Time