SBE January Meeting Announcement

The January meeting of the Society of Barley Engineers will be held on Wednesday, January 4th @ 6pm at Booze Brothers Brewery ( in Vista. The topic this month will be our annual light-hearted New Years meeting, this time on Beer Naming by Jeremy Jerome.

On the agenda:
1) Social time, small pour sharing, and Feedback Corner.
2) Homebrew sharing and discussion.
3) Recaps and announcements.
    A. Radegast Award – Dan
4) 2017 Membership Dues.
5) Event updates.
    A. AB 2172 Victory Night
6) Beer Naming – Jeremy
7) Post-presentation social time.

If you’re interested in bringing a beer for thorough feedback from qualified judges outside of the normal sharing time we’re starting a new program called Feedback Corner. Just find the duo before the meeting gets started and they’ll provide you with their expert opinion and recommendations on improvement.

I also wanted to remind folks that you’re welcome to bring beer to share just with the folks around you. If you have a small pour of homebrew or commercial beer feel free to bring it to share during the time before/after the meeting.

Have a happy Brew Year, looking forward to another excellent year with the Barley Engineers!

Please RSVP here:

SBE August Meeting Announcement

The August meeting of Society of Barley Engineers will be at 6pm on Wednesday, August 1st at Aztec Brewery in Vista. This meeting will be a special beer and cheese pairing, where we will pair various commercial and homemade cheeses with Aztec beers and homebrew. Please note that this is not our usual location; directions are available at The group meal will be Mexican chicken with all the fixings from Pollos Maria for approximately $10 per person for those interested.

Due to this being a special meeting that costs the club more than usual, we are asking that only paid members attend. Guests are welcome to attend this meeting if they join for the remainder of the year at a discounted rate. Please contact for details.

Please fill out this RSVP form to help with planning the meeting:

On the agenda:
1. Upcoming events – Officers
2. Beer and Cheese Pairing – Chris Banker
3. Homebrew Sharing – All

What to bring:
Homebrew for sharing
Cash for entree (approximately $10)
Dues for 2012 (required if not yet paid)
A folding chair

SBE August Meeting Announcement

The August meeting of the Society of Barley Engineers homebrew club will be held on Wednesday August 3rd at 6p.m. at the Alesmith Brewing Company in San Diego ( and will focus on Beer and Cheese pairing. Chris Banker who is our resident Cheesemaker will lead the event and Alesmith Brewmaster Peter Zien who is also an avid Cheesemaker will host the event. Due to the limited space, this special meeting will be open to members only and we will be asking everyone to become current with their membership dues. We will also be ordering Pizza for those who are interested in dinner.

On the agenda:
1. Pairing Beer and Cheese
2. Stone Anniversary Celebration Planning
3. Homebrew Sharing – All

What to bring:
Homebrew for sharing
Foldup chair to sit on
Tasting glasses
Cash for Pizza

Meeting Information for May

Fellow Barley Engineers as well as potential Barley Engineers:

The May meeting for the Society of Barley Engineers will be held on Wednesday, May 5th at Lost Abbey in San Marcos. The topic is going to be on pairing breads and cheeses with Lost Abbey and Port Brewing excellent line up of award winning brews.

For more information on Lost Abbey and Port Brewing company, hit up their websites:

The Lost Abbey

Port Brewing Company

Map of Lost Abbey Location:

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