Website Updates

I was recently elected to the position of Communications Officer and have been making many changes to advance the efficiency and effectiveness of communications both within the club and externally.  As part of these changes, I have made several improvements to the website.  The following are the most notable changes:

  • Addition of a club calendar. This is a google calendar, accessible through the Calendar menu link, that shows SBE meetings and events, as well as public beer events of interest to the homebrewing community.  The different types of events are differentiated by different colors on the calendar.  If you use Google Calendar, you can add these calendars to your own using the (+) Google Calendar button at the bottom right of the calendar.
  • Addition of a Speaker Notes page.  This page contains an archive of notes and handouts from previous meetings.  I will continue to post notes from future meetings, as well as continue working on gathering them from previous months.  These notes are also linked to in the comments for their respective meetings.
  • Notes from meetings.  Following each meeting, I will be posting information such as presentation notes, Club-Only Competition Winners, meeting photos, and announcements.  These notes will be posted as comments to the meeting announcement post.
  • A simple form for joining the SBE Associates email list.  This form is available on the About page of the site.  The associates email list is a low-traffic announcement-only list for those who are interested in getting involved with SBE and finding out about meetings.  Typically the only emails sent to this list are a once-monthly meeting announcement from our president.

I plan to continue making improvements to the website and welcome any comments or suggestions.  I can be contacted through the Contact page of the site.

Chris Banker

SBE Communications Officer