Société du Lambic Brew Session

Société du Lambic Brew Session

The 2020 Société du Lambic brew session will be held on Sunday March 22nd at the Brasserie-Brouwerij Gamelin in Vista. We are inviting members to bring their brew systems on site for a massive communal brew session. If you are not able to bring your brew system, you can help others or brew at home and transport the wort. Our production target will be 350 gallons of Lambic. The ingredients are being procured in advance (big thanks to Jim & MoreBeer), so you can pick up ingredients if you are planning on brewing at home.

We also will be harvesting Lambic from the oak barrels and will be able to fill kegs for those that weren’t able to make it to Lambic Harvest day or those that would like Lambic from these barrels.

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Holiday Party! 12/11

SBE Holiday Party

Society of Barley Engineers will be holding our sixth annual Holiday Party the evening of Wednesday, December 11. It will be held at Chris Banker’s home in southeast Oceanside and directions will be sent to those who RSVP.

This will be a casual holiday gathering with potluck food and beer sharing. It will be a chance for everyone to get together outside of regular meetings, share homebrew and food, and celebrate a great year of beer.

Date and Time: Wednesday, December 11 at 6:30pm
Location: Chris Banker’s house, southeast Oceanside (south of the 78 near CostCo and the DMV). Address will be provided to those who RSVP

  • Open to members and their guests. Festive casual attire is encouraged.
  • Please bring a food item to share, along with any homebrew or commercial beers you wish to share.
  • Kegs can be accommodated with advance notice.


Distilling Event w/ 117W – 3/31

Distilling Event w/ 117 West Spirits

We have a really exciting event coming up on March 31st! I have gotten 117W Disillery in Vista to agree to host us for distilling our homebrew into a club whiskey.

The actual distilling event will be on Sunday March 31st from 10am to about 3pm, so mark your calendars. There is some prep required for this event, so read this whole email and make sure to sign up ASAP.

Members will brew the same beer recipe and we will gather as a club to distill it while we enjoy the spirits and cocktails available for purchase. After aging in 5-gallon barrels (nominally 6 months), we will later get to pick up bottles to keep. You must be able to get the finished beer to the event on 3/31.

Slots are limited and we need to hit a specific amount to fill the barrels, so sign up soon. You can commit to what you want and I’ll adjust based on number of sign-ups. If we are oversubscribed, the first to sign up will get in.

The recipe will be an unhopped rye porter, see below. You will need to brew according to the recipe and bring the fully fermented beer to the event. A 1-bottle (750ml) share of the final result will require 4 gallons of finished beer and a $10 contribution toward barrels and supplies. Members can collaborate on brewing up the beer to reduce the number of batches we need to brew. Carlsbad Brew Supply has agreed to carry the Chocolate Rye malt, which not all shops carry, so consider shopping there and supporting them.

Sign up here:

Sign up soon if you want to be involved and let me know if you have any questions.



Unhopped rye porter base with a target of 1.075 OG

  • 67% 2-row
  • 13% rye malt
  • 13% munich 10L
  • 7% chocolate rye 

A 5.5 gallon batch at 75% efficiency would work out to about 10/2/2/1 lbs.  Boil is optional, but adjust accordingly.  Any relatively clean high attenuation yeast is fine, 001, 099, or US05 recommended.  Amylo 300 or similar enzyme is recommended to dry it out and maximize ABV.  Should be fermented as dry as possible and fully fermented prior to the 3/31 event.  

SdL Lambic Big Brew – 3/17

Lambic Brew Session

We will be holding the Société du Lambic Brew Session on Sunday March 17th (St. Patrick’s Day). SdL members will converge on the Gamelin Picobrewey to brew 300+ gallons of Lambic. Since it is also St. Patrick’s day, we will be encouraging members to wear green and we will be serving corned beef with cabbage for lunch. I will also have a special green wheatgrass Lambic on tap at the event.

Please save the date – more information will follow as we get closer to the event.

FeBREWary Bottle Share – 2/22

FeBREWary Bottle Share

Our club’s first bottle share event of the year will take place on Friday FeBREWary 22nd at 630pm. I will be co-hosting the event with Matt Silbert (also an SBE member) at his place (see club emails/Facebook for details).

There are no rules for this share, and homebrews are welcome. Please see the attached Google doc to RSVP and to list any friends, spouses, food, and beer that you would like to bring. Be prepared that part of the bottle share may take place outside.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


Tour de Beach – 2/24

Tour de Beach

Hi Engineers,
I’m excited to formally announce the details for the first bike tour brewery crawl of 2019; the Tour de Beach on Sunday February 24 at 12:00 pm noon!

The plan is to start south and work our way back up north. This is a relatively flat 14+ mile course with just one significant hill at the beginning of the ride going in to Del Mar. The hill is about the size of the hill going up to Stone Escondido. I would suggest a bike with gears.

We will meet at the Sorrento Valley Transit Center. The group will leave shortly after the Coaster drops off train 684 at 11:42am. If you’d like to take the Coaster down, please see the link at the bottom of this email for schedules.

The Details

Once the group is together, we will head to New English Brewing to arrive when they open at 12 noon. After a couple of tastes, we will ride north about 5 miles at Viewpoint Brewing. If you haven’t been to this brewery, there is a great patio overlooking the lagoon, a full kitchen, and tasty beers. The next bit will be about a mile-and-a-half to Culture Brewing in the Cedros Design District. From there, we will ride about 2.5 miles to Lost Abbey’s tasting room in Cardiff called The Confessional. After checking Tshe Confessional out, we head to Modern Times in Encinitas. Modern Times is another opportunity to eat, but be advised, it is 100% vegan food. That being said, it’s damn tasty. If you’ve had enough, you will be right by the Encinitas Transit Center and can get back in your car, or take the train further north to wherever you boarded the Coaster to get to Sorrento.

If you would like to ride on, we will head up beautiful Neptune Dr. to take a quick peek at the ocean at my personal favorite beach, Beacon’s Beach, and then head down to The Regal Seagull Taproom/St. Archer Brewing (they are right next to each other) for a final beer/taste.

Sorrento Valley Transit Center – Mile 0
New English Brewing – Mile 1
Viewpoint Brewing – Food opportunity – Mile 6
Culture Brewing on Cedros – Mile 7.5
The Confessional – Lost Abbey – Mile 10
Modern Times – Mile 12.5 – Food opportunity
Optional End
The Regal Seagull/St. Archer Brewing – Mile 14.5 – Food opportunity

RSVP Below!

Map of the full route:

Coaster Schedule:

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns. We hope to see you there for a great day of biking and breweries!f