Event: SBE Target Shooting Night

We are putting together a Society of Barley Engineers shooting night event. It will be on Tues 10/6 starting at 6pm. We will gather at Iron Sights shooting range in Oceanside for some target shooting. This is a great opportunity to do some target shooting in a safe environment with fellow club members. Afterwards, we will head over to Tap That for some beers. If you have a Tap That pint glass bring it in for $1 off pints on Tuesdays.

Anyone with their own gun(s) is welcome to bring them. People who do not have guns may rent them at the range (typically $6). Range fees should be around $10-14 per person. For ammo, you may bring your own approved ammo, purchase ammo at the range, or participate in a group buy for discounted ammo (about 1/2 of range price). Ammo cost will depend on how much you shoot. If you bring your own ammo, it cannot contain steel or be “Wolf” brand ammo, they will check it with a magnet. Ear and eye protection are provided free of charge. Paper targets may be brought from home or purchased at the range for a small fee.

Please RSVP here:

Note: if you wish to get in on the group ammo buy, we will need your RSVP within the next two weeks.