2019 Officer Elections

Officer elections are planned for November 7th at our meeting. There are 5 elected positions and 5 appointed positions (at the discretion of the elected officers). In addition, we make use of a string of volunteers to coordinate events and activities. The club has been successful in large part through the volunteer efforts of the organization, so I encourage you to get involved. Please let Andy (president@societyofbarleyengineers.org) or any of the current Officers know if you are interested in one of the Officer positions for 2019 or would like to volunteer to coordinate an event. Below are the elected positions and the expected appointed positions for 2019.


President (Chief Engineer): Responsible for running the monthly meetings and for the overall operation of the club. Coordinates and supports speakers for the meeting.
Vice President (President of Vice): Makes the President look good. Supports meetings by running the back bar and working with the President to engage with all star guest speakers. Runs meetings in the absence of the President.
Events Officer (Special Ops): Develops the master event plan and ensures that each planned event has a coordinator and adequate resources. Provides support for events to ensure we are able to organize successful events.
Information Officer (Propaganda Minister): Provides IT support for SBE communication forums including mail list, web site and Facebook page.
Treasurer (Guido): Manages finances and membership list. Can be persuasive when collecting overdue debts.


Papparazi: Documents meetings and events with photos and takes notes at Officer Meetings.
Festmeister: Helps coordinate festivals that we organize or participate in.
Charity Officer: Creates the master plan for charity support and participates in the coordination of charity events and activities.
Competition Czar: Plans out and coordinates SBE and SdL homebrew competitions throughout the year.
Swag Officer: Coordinates paraphernalia with SBE and SdL designs and logos for members. Sources drawing prizes and has the grand responsibility of generating a random number for the drawing.

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