SBE November Meeting Announcement

Hello Barley Engineers,
We are really excited about this Wednesday’s meeting on 11/13. As might notice, this is a week later than usual, due to beer week. We have obtained several of the Siebel institute kits for preparing doctored beers for flavor evaluation. This will be a fun and very informative event. Participating in events like this can usually be very pricey, and is a perk of SBE membership. As a double perk, several of the officers and senior club members are pretty experienced at making this kind of event very successful.

Our agenda will be limited to just the tasting, and officer elections. It is not to late to run for office. Campaigning can consist of an e-mail to the current officers and members, or just show up at the meeting and say you are interested.

We will still be passing homebrews around, so please still bring beer to share. We will need some pleasant beer to keep us going through all the docotored beer.

The Group meal will be Pesto with Chicken and Tomato. As always, $!3 includes tax and tip.
6:30pm at Stone World Bistro.

PLEASE RSVP using the following link:

SBE November Meeting Announcement

The November meeting of the Society of Barley Engineers homebrew club will be held on Wednesday November 2nd @ 6p.m. at the Stone Brewing World Bistro & Gardens and will focus on Yeast. We will have special guest speaker Chris White & Company for the evening to discuss Yeast for homebrewers. The entree of the evening will be Wild Mushrooms over Penne Pasta. Directions are available at

On the agenda:
1. Yeast for Homebrewers – Chris White & Company
2. SBE Officers elections for 2012
3. Hefeweizen Club Only Competition – Paul
4. December Meeting Planning – Travis
5. Homebrew Sharing – All

What to bring:
Hefeweizen for Club Only Competition
Homebrew for Sharing
Cash for entree ($13)

New Officers

During the November meeting, we held officer elections for the coming year.

Here are the election results for the SBE Elections for the 2011 calendar year:

President: Andy Gamelin
Vice President: Jeremy Jerome
Communications Officer: Chris Banker
Competition Czar: Paul Sangster
Director of Special Operations: Lauren Sallee
Events Coordinator: Stan Sisson

Congratulations to our new officers.