Société du Lambic 2018 Recipe

Club Lambic Brew Day

The annual club Lambic brew day. Our goal each year is to brew enough to fill up all our barrels (over 400 gallon capacity!) to harvest in the fall.

We will be brewing 400 gallons of Lambic. We have all of the ingredients that we need, so if you are brewing at home, then please make an arrangements with me to pick up ingredients this week or on Lambic weekend.

We have about 165 gallons of brewing equipment already pledged, so you should plan on brewing two back to back batches if you can. We may need a few brave souls to brew a triple batch (depending on how we fare with last minute signups). We will have help to produce hot water and for chilling, so the brewing should go fast.

On Sunday, we will start at dawn and go til dusk – you can come at the time that is convenient for you. We will be serving lasagne for lunch. I will have 6 beers on tap, but feel free to bring bottles that you may want to share.

Matt will be bringing his chiller and we will set up a grant system like we did last couple of years. Last year it wasn’t working well, but Matt resolved this issue. I have 10 bags of ice that we can use to help the process – so you don’t need to bring wort chillers.

I will have a grain mill and David Bartz will bring a second one.

We will be using our house culture with supplements. Todd, Eric and I are growing up Brett L. Curt will be bringing some Sachromyces and Derek will add in some of his house culture.

We will be using 3 50 gallon oak barrels and a 270 gallon plastic fermentor. These will be prepped and ready to go on Saturday – I will send a separate email to see if anyone can help on Saturday to prep barrels.

Here’s the recipe for the upcoming Lambic club brew day (as written for Andy’s 12 gallon system). You can either cut it directly in half for a 5/6 gallon batch or import the BeerXML via the link below and scale it to your own system. Assumes 79% brewhouse efficiency, so it’s probably wise to scale it down to your system.

[beerxml recipe=”” actuals=false/]

SBE Oktober Meeting Announcement

The Oktober meeting of the Society of Barley Engineers will be held on Wednesday, Oktober 4th @ 6pm at Booze Brothers Brewery in Vista. The topic this month will be Yeast Wrangling by Curt Wittenberg.

On the agenda:
1) Social time, small pour sharing, and Feedback Corner.
2) Homebrew sharing and discussion.
3) Recaps and announcements.
4) Event updates.
    A) Battlemage Pub Nite
    B) Lambic Harvest
5) Yeast Wrangling.
6) Post-presentation social time.

Don’t forget that you’re on the hook to bring your fancy new name badges!

Please RSVP here:

Event: Lambic Kegging 2015

The 2015 Lambic Kegging session will be held on Oktober 10th starting at 1:30pm at the Gamelin picobrewery in Vista. We have close to 150 gallons of Lambic to keg, which is the largest club brew we have ever done. We will start by pulling a growler from each barrel for sampling. Members can select which barrel they would like to receive. We will be prioritizing kegs for members that participated in the Lambic brew session and those that can commit to bring a Lambic keg to the Southern California Homebrew Festival. We will also make sure that everyone who participates can bring back at least a growler of club Lambic.

We will also have barrel dregs for you to bring home to brew your own Lambic. We would like to encourage everyone to brew a Lambic on Sunday and use these barrel dregs for the brew.

I will have three Lambics on draft, A Gueuze blend of 2011, 2012, 2013 & 2014 Lambics, a blended Apricôt and a blended Framboise. As always you are welcome to bring bottles to share.

Every year at this time I become antsy as we don’t open the barrels to taste them. So, hopefully this years Lambic will be as good as the 2013 and 2014 batches!

Please RSVP here if you plan to attend:

SBE Oktober Meeting Announcement

The Oktober meeting of the Society of Barley Engineers will be held on Wednesday Oktober 7th @ 6pm at Booze Brothers Brewery in Vista. Our feature topic, Blending Beer, will be lead by Andy Gamelin

Food will be available on the Booze Brothers patio (an e-mail will be sent out when we confirm the vendor). Booze Brothers will be serving beer inside their main suite. We will be able to bring food and drinks into the adjacent meeting room through the connected patios.

The meeting room is large, however there are not many chairs or tables within the room, so we are asking members to bring chairs and tables. Booze Brothers will supply tasting glasses.

On the agenda:
1) Blending Beer
2) Booze Brothers meeting place – Andy
3) Upcoming Officers Elections – Andy
4) Oktoberfests recap – Jim
5) Shooting Night recap – Chris & Corey
6) Lambic Kegging – Andy & Ryan
7) Homebrew sharing

Please RSVP here:

SBE May Meeting Announcement

The May meeting of the Society of Barley Engineers will be held on Wednesday May 6th @ 6pm at Feliccia’s Italian Restaurant in Vista (1011 S Santa Fe Ave.). We will feature a discussion on Indigenous Beers led by Chris Rosemeyer. We will have a pasta dinner arranged for $10/person (includes tax and tip). Commercial beer options are limited, but we will be able to share our homebrew and commercial examples of Indigenous Beer.

On the Agenda:
1) Indigenous Beers – Chris R.
2) Lambic Brew Session recap – Andy
3) Southern California Homebrew Festival recap – Jim
4) Upcoming meetings – Andy
5) Upcoming Events – Derek
6) Strawberry Festival homebrew competition – Chris R.
7) National Homebrew Convention – Derek & Ryan
8) Homebrew Sharing

Please RSVP here:

SBE January Meeting Announcement

Note: this month’s meeting is on January 21 and not the regular first Wednesday of the month.

The January meeting of the Society of Barley Engineers homebrew club will be held on Wednesday January 21st @ 6pm at the Stone Brewing World Bistro in Escondido. The focus topic, Hangover Cures, will be led by Justin Reilly. Going forward, we have abandoned the group meal in favor of a 25% discount off of food before or after the meeting. We also won’t have a dedicated server upstairs, so food must be ordered downstairs. Stone indicated that they would prefer food be consumed downstairs, but wouldn’t squawk if we bring food upstairs.

On the Agenda:
1) Hangover Cures – Justin Reilly
2) State of the Club Address – Andy
3) Lambic Kegging Session recap – Andy
4) SBE Holiday Party recap – Chris B.
5) Upcoming Events – Derek
6) 2015 Dues Collection – Jeremy
7) Homebrew Sharing

Please RSVP here:

SBE November Meeting Announcement

The November Meeting of the Society of Barley Engineers homebrew club will be held on Wednesday November 5 @ 6pm at the Stone Brewing World Bistro in Escondido. The feature topic will be Up & Coming Beer Styles which will be led by Ryan Reschan. The group meal will be Mac n’ Beer Cheese.

On the Agenda:
1) Up & Coming Beer Styles – Ryan
2) Bagby’s Pub Night Recap – Derek
3) Cider Run Recap – Derek
3) San Diego Beer Week – Derek
4) Lambic Kegging Session – Andy
5) Southern California Homebrew Festival – Jim
6) SBE Elections – Andy
7) Homebrew Sharing

Please RSVP here:

SBE September Meeting Announcement

The Society of Barley Engineers will meet at 6pm on September 5th at Stone World Bistro. Directions are available at
We will be treated to a talk on Sour Beers by Chris Anderson, president of the Coachella Valley Homebrewers Club. Chris was a former brewer at Midnight Sun Brewing, and is currently starting up his own brewery in Southern California.

The Entree for the the evening will be Chicken Penne Pasta with Tomatoes.
To take part in the group Entree, it is $13, which includes tip and tax.
Please take a brief moment to RSVP for the meeting using the link below. This information is critical for us to plan and coordinate with Stone for support.

Please fill out this RSVP form to help with planning the meeting:

On the Agenda:
1. Sour Beers
2. Collection of club-only competition entries for Light Hybrid Ale.
3. Recap of Stone Anniversary Event, and upcoming events.
4. Homebrewsharing

To bring;
Homebrew for sharing.
Submissions for light hybrid club-only competition
Money for Entree if interested
A thirst for sour beers!

Note: See the comments for slides, notes, and photos from the meeting.